a moment for the maxi

a moment for the maxi

I used to be the type of person who didn’t think I could pull off longer dresses. I’m 5’4″, so on the shorter side, and I thought I would look even shorter if you couldn’t see my legs. Well, spoiler alert: I was wrong and not only are they super flattering on all body heights, I actually feel more elegant when I wear a maxi dress. Something about all that fabric swirling around as you walk makes you feel some type of way. Trust me on this!

So in today’s post, we are taking a moment for the maxi. Below are some of my favourite finds, click the pic to shop! *scroll for links of my exact dress!*

This one has the sweetest blue floral print and I love the back tie detailing.
This one is in my cart! Love how it ties around your waist so it’s more form fitting.
The cut outs on either side of this one will give you that hourglass look and the back is totally open so perfect for those hot Summer days!
This one has the coolest cutouts while still being pretty modest (it has a full back). Absolutely love the terracotta colour!
A bit more of a splurge but the ombré dye effect is super pretty and perfect for Summer.
When in doubt, go with black, it’s universally flattering and not super flashy!

*If you’d like to shop my exact dress, you’ll have to shop on reseller sites because unfortunately it was part of a limited edition run. Here are some I’ve found (for reference, I have size XS and it fits like a glove — also, it has pockets!!). Happy shopping!

Size XSmall, NWT

Size Small, NWT

Has all sizes!