buying tips for the girl who has everything

buying tips for the girl who has everything

I’m not gonna lie. I know I am a hard person to buy for for Christmas. I’m really picky, and oftentimes when I do find something I like I’ll just buy it then and there because I know how picky I am. This list is essentially things that I think are cool/pretty/would make great gifts for girls who are hard to buy for, because I personally would also like to receive any of these (and, like I said, I’m picky).

Here’s my thought process for the list below, and how I usually go about thinking of ideas for someone who’s hard to buy for:

For starters, I always like to spoil someone on Christmas so I try to think of gifts that the recipient might not always treat themselves to. For example, a high quality throw blanket and or a cashmere scarf. Not something someone would always want to spend a ton of money on for themselves, but would probably also love nonetheless. Another way to think about it is pampering. Most people like to pamper themselves but don’t always go out of their way to start, so skincare gift sets make great gifts! I love that they usually include a few mini versions of the product so your recipient can test them all out and see what they like. That way you aren’t going out on a limb hoping the product works for them and spending a ton of money while doing it.

I also like getting gifts that double as decor. Cookbooks, coffee table books, cutting boards. Not only are they practical, they’re also pretty and serve two purposes.

Another thing I like to think of is personalization. That always makes it more special in my opinion. Anything that can be engraved or monogrammed instantly feels a little more unique and thought out.

Finally, does she like to host? This gives you so many places to jump off of. Wine glasses, champagne flutes, serving boards, pretty canisters. All these things many girls would love to have nice versions of to pull out for guests, but not all girls have their crystal cupboards fully stocked. Also it’s pretty easy to double check what she already has by getting in touch with her SO or BF. Chances are there’s something on the list she wants, or wants to upgrade!

Finally, when in doubt, buy something shiny — I don’t know a single girl who would complain about getting jewelry for Christmas!